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Fees & Disbursements (Trial Implementation)

Perennial Legal Counselor standard of charges
As the state organs, enterprises and institutions of the perennial legal adviser, consultancy fee of 100,000 yuan -1 million per year, depending on the size of the unit, the workload, the difficulty of work, negotiate charges as appropriate. In case of litigation, arbitration cases and major non-litigation legal affairs, the agency fees shall be given preferential benefits, and the preferential standard shall be subject to the consultancy contract. Perennial legal adviser service content and charges are as follows:

Service Content Annual fee of 100,000 yuan Annual fee of 200,000 yuan Annual fee of 300,000 yuan Annual fee of 500,000 yuan Annual fee of 1,000,000 yuan
Telephone consultation unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Consultation in law firm unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Review, draft, modify the contract 36copies 80copies 160copies 320copies unlimited
On-site consultation 4times 10times 24times 48times unlimited
written advisory opinion 4copies 10copies 24copies 48copies unlimited
Lawyer Letter 12copies 30copies 60copies 120copies unlimited
Legal training All law training (no less than 12 times per year) All law training (no less than 12 times per year) +4 times customer designated home training All law training (no less than 12 times per year) +8 times Customer designated on-site training All law training (no less than 12 times per year) +16 times Customer designated on-site training unlimited
Value added staff private lawyer service included included included included included
Legal examination Including (primary legal examination) including(intermediate legal examination) including(intermediate legal examination) including (senior legal examination) including (senior legal examination)
Personalized employee manual design, drafting, modification and validation 90% of the standard fee including(primary) including(intermediate) including(senior) including(senior)
Batch layoffs special service 90% of the standard fee 60% of the standard fee Including (5persons) Including (10persons) included
On-site work 90% of the standard fee 60% of the standard fee 50% of the standard fee Including half a day per week Including one day per week
negotiations 90% of the standard fee Complimentary 4 hours negotiation time Complimentary 8 hours negotiation time Complimentary 16 hours negotiation time Complimentary 32 hours negotiation time
Contains sub companies or other affiliated entities 90% of the standard fee Containing 2
Containing 3
Containing 5
Containing 8
Litigation case 90% of the standard fee 60% of the standard fee 50% of the standard fee the number of cases of free agents is two of which the amount subject less than 500,000; the number of cases of free agents is five of which the amount subject less than 500,000;

Charge for other service
90% of the standard fee 60% of the standard fee 50% of the standard fee 50% of the standard fee 50% of the standard fee

Part two:
1. Criminal Case:
①in the investigation stage,commission fees is 15000-75000yuan,in 她和、 stage of review and prosecution,commission fees 15000-75000yuan,in The first trial stage commission fees 45000-225000 yuan.
②The criminal suspect, the defendant has several charges or several criminal facts at the same time,collecting the items separately according to the crime or criminal facts.
?、跿he acting criminal defendant shall have criminal incidental civil cases,The criminal agent fee is charged according to the agent fee of the criminal case,the civil portion of the agent fee shall be charged 80% of the agent fee of the civil case.
④The acting criminal victim,The criminal part fee is charged 80% of the agent fee of the criminal case, the civil portion of the agent fee shall be charged 80% of the agent fee of the civil case.
?、輔peration expenses :including inter-city transportation, communication, , meal delay, etc,the travel expenses ,the cost for translation, searches, appraisal, notarization and other expenses paid by the lawyer on behalf of the client are to be reimbursed by the client on a cost incurred basis.
2、Civil, Economic and Administrative Cases
?、賥ith no property subject involved
For ordinary civil or administrative case in Beijing with no property subject involved, professional fee 20,000 yuan,For ordinary civil or administrative case outside Beijing,professional fee 50,000 yuan.

Complex Legal relationship、numerous parties, Foreign-related (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), major problems or significant social impact of the case, professional fee 40,000100,000 yuan.
Involving citizens request to pay the labor remuneration, work injury compensation, request to pay alimony, child support, maintenance, request to pension and benefits, request to social insurance benefits, or the lowest life to ensure treatment of civil litigation, administrative litigation agent, as well as involving safety accidents, environmental pollution, the requisition compensation (compensation), and other public interest group litigation fee with reference to the government pricing standard of Beijing lawyer lawsuit proxy service charge.


Subject Ratio

Professional Fee

Below 100,000 yuan 20000 yuan

100,0001 ,000,000 yuan
6% 20,000 yuan plus 6% of the portion above 100,000 yuan

1,000,00010,000,000 yuan
74,000yuan plus 4% of the portion above 1,000,000 yuan
Above 10,000,000 yuan 2%
434,000yuan plus 2% of the portion above 10,000,000 yuan

Complex Legal relationship、numerous parties, Foreign-related (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), major problems or significant social impact of the case, as well as civil or administrative case outside Beijing professional fee double-fivefold of above standard. And professional fee for civil or administrative case outside Beijing is not less than 50,000 yuan.
Involving citizens request to pay the labor remuneration, work injury compensation, request to pay alimony, child support, maintenance, request to pension and benefits, request to social insurance benefits, or the lowest life to ensure treatment of civil litigation, administrative litigation agent, as well as involving safety accidents, environmental pollution, the requisition compensation (compensation), and other public interest group litigation fee with reference to the government pricing standard "Beijing lawyer lawsuit proxy service charge.

③operation expenses :including inter-city transportation, communication, , meal delay, etc,the travel expenses ,the cost for translation, searches, appraisal, notarization and other expenses paid by the lawyer on behalf of the client are to be reimbursed by the client on a cost incurred basis.
Cases of Second Instance
  1、If the case of first instance was not represented by this Firm, professional fee will be charged at the same rate as for case of first instance described above;
2、If the case of first instance was represented by this Firm, professional fee will be charged at 80% of the portion as for case of first instance described above;
3、If the case of second instance is remanded for a new trial, the professional fee as represented 80% of the standard fee for a past stage, but many times preferential fee lowest not less than 50% of the charge standard of first instance.
4、operation expenses :including inter-city transportation, communication, , meal delay, etc,the travel expenses ,the cost for translation, searches, appraisal, notarization and other expenses paid by the lawyer on behalf of the client are to be reimbursed by the client on a cost incurred basis.

Retrial (Appeal) Cases
  1、If the case of first instance was not represented by this Firm, professional fee will be charged at the same rate as for case of first instance described above;
2、If the case of first instance was represented by this Firm, professional fee will be charged at 80% of the portion as for case of first or second instance described above;
3、operation expenses :including inter-city transportation, communication, , meal delay, etc,the travel expenses ,the cost for translation, searches, appraisal, notarization and other expenses paid by the lawyer on behalf of the client are to be reimbursed by the client on a cost incurred basis.

Cases of Enforcement
  1、If the case of first instance was not represented by this Firm, professional fee will be charged at the same rate as for case of first instance described above;
2、If the case of first instance was represented by this Firm, professional fee will be charged at 80% of the portion as for case of first or second instance described above;
3、If the case of represented person subjected to execution by this Firm, professional fee will be charged at 80% of the portion as for Cases of Enforcement described above;
4、operation expenses :including inter-city transportation, communication, , meal delay, etc,the travel expenses ,the cost for translation, searches, appraisal, notarization and other expenses paid by the lawyer on behalf of the client are to be reimbursed by the client on a cost incurred basis.

Arbitration professional fee is the same as civil case for first instance.
Hourly rate
By above litigation & arbitration, professional fee may be based on hourly rate at 2,000 yuan-3000 yuan/hour.

Non-litigious Legal Matters
Legal examination
根據工作量及工作難度,每項法律體檢項目收取律師費3000100000元?! ?br /> Based on the amount of the subject the charge will be 3,000-100,000yuan for eachLegal examination item.

Review the company's main qualifications
Review the corporate governance structure of the company Review the basic situation of the company branch
Review the performance of the company's shareholders' investment obligations
Review the affairs of the company involved in government regulation Review the legitimacy of the company's business model Review the company's internal control system Review the company's labor and employment management system
Review the company's administrative system Review the company's contract management system Review the company's intellectual property management system and protection Review the company's trade secret protection system
Review the company's environmental protection system and its implementation Review the company's major investment and financing projects Review the company mergers and acquisitions Review the company's overseas investment situation
Review the company's major construction projects Review the company's real estate development projects Review the company's major contracts and performance Review company's claims, debts
Review the company's external guarantees
Review the company related transactions Review the company unfair competition Review the company's advertising and product brochures
Review the company's administrative violation, punishment and relief Review the company's litigation, arbitration Review the company's crisis handling mechanism Other items to be reviewed

For drafting, reviewing and amending; providing legal opinion, Agency for house sale、participation in project negotiation
For drafting, reviewing and amending contract,the charge will be based on the amount of the subject

Contract Subject
Ratio Professional Fee
Below 1,000,000 yuan   5.000 yuan

1,000,000 yuan10,000,000 yuan
0.4% 5,000 yuan plus 0.4% of the 1,000,000-above amount
10,000,000 yuan100,000,000 yuan 0.2% 41,000 yuan plus 0.2% of the 10,000,000-above amount
Above100,000,000 yuan 0.1%
221,000 yuan plus 0.1% of the 100,000,000-above amount

providing legal opinion, Agency for house sale、participation in project negotiation,the charge will be based on the amount of the subject

Contract Subject ratio professional fee
Below 1,000,000 yuan   10,000 yuan
1,000,000 yuan10,000,000 yuan 0.6%
10,000 yuan plus 0.6% of the 1,000,000-above amount
10,000,000 yuan100,000,000 yuan 0.3% 64,000 yuan plus 0.3% of the 10,000,000-above amount
Above100,000,000 yuan 0.1% 334,000 yuan plus 0.1% of the 100,000,000-above amount

Company’s Establishment; Enterprise Reorganization
根據注冊資本金額,按以下標準收取代理費(僅工商注冊代理按以下標準減半收?。骸?br /> Professional fee is based on the amount of the registered capital at the following rate

Registered Capital
Professional Fee
Below 1,000,000 yuan 20000 yuan
11,000,000 yuan10,000,000 yuan 50000 yuan
10,000,000 yuan100,000,000 yuan 150,000 yuan
Above 100,000,000 yuan 200,000 yuan

Assets or equity transfer, acquisition; enterprise restructuring, reorganization, merger, separation, liquidation, bankruptcy.

Based on the amount of assets or the registered capital involved in the amount of assets or equity transfer, acquisition or restructuring, reorganization, merger, division, liquidation, bankruptcy, including due diligence,

Amount Involved
Ratio Professional fee
Below 1,000,000 yuan   50,000 yuan
1,000,000 yuan10,000,000 yuan 2% 50,000 yuan plus 2% of the 1,000,000-above amount

10,000,000 yuan100,000,000 yuan
230,000 yuan plus 1% of the 10,000,000-above amount
Above 100,000,000 yuan 0.5%
1,130,000 yuan plus 0.5% of the 100,000,000-above amount

Professional Fee based on the amount of funds to be raised at the following rate  

amount of funds to be raised Ratio Professional fee
Below 100,000,000 yuan   500,000 yuan
100,000,000 yuan500,000,000 yuan 0.1%

500,000 yuan plus 0.1% of the 100,000,000-above amount
Above 500,000,000 yuan 0.05%
900,000 yuan plus 0.05% of the 500,000,000-above amount

Refinancing of listed companies (including public offering, non-public offering, allotment, issue convertible bonds, issuance of separable bonds, etc.)
Professional fee will be charged at 80% of standard charge for the Stock Listing.
Reorganization of list company
Negotiated in accordance with the complexity of the reorganization program and the workload
Bond issue
Corporate bonds are charged at 50% of IPO; short-term financing bills are charged at 30% of IPO.
Real Estate Legal Counse
Professional fee will be charged at 5‰--8‰of the total investment amount involved.
special legal counsel for Labor
根據服務內容、工作量、工作難度協商, 代理費50000元/年-300000元/年。
In accordance with service content、workload、 the complexity of the work, professional fee50000yuan-300000yuan/year.
Perennial Legal Counsel Professional fee will be charged at no less than 50,000 yuan per year for acting as perennial legal counsel In accordance with service content、workload、 the complexity of the work.
Other expenses involved in the above non-litigious legal services
Professional Fee based on the amount of the subject at the following rate  

Amount Involved
Ratio professional fee
Below 1,000,000 yuan   50,000 yuan

1,000,000 yuan10,000,000 yuan
2% 50,000 yuan plus 2% of the 1,000,000-above amount

10,000,000 yuan100,000,000 yuan
1% 230,000 yuan plus 1% of the 10,000,000-above amount
Above 100,000,000 yuan 0.5% 1,130,000 yuan plus 0.5% of the 100,000,000-above amount

Foreign non - litigation legal affairs
Foreign non-litigation legal affairs charges (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) are at least twice the minimum of the above fees.
Hourly Rate
以上非訴訟法律事務可按律師服務時間收費,具體標準: 20005000元/小時。
The above non-litigation legal services can be charged for legal service hours, 2000-5000yuan/hour
Charge for For non - litigation legal affairs
operation expenses :including inter-city transportation, communication, , meal delay, etc,the travel expenses ,the cost for translation, searches, appraisal, notarization and other expenses paid by the lawyer on behalf of the client are to be reimbursed by the client on a cost incurred basis.

Legal Consultation
Lawyer-1,200yuan/hour, senior lawyer-1,600yuan/hour, Business department head-2,000yuan/hour. Less than half an hour is calculated as half an hour. No payment when not satisfied.
Legal Opinion : 5,000-20,000yuan/copy

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